Chez Greg recommends you some associations with food available in our stores

A fish or seafood goes well with :

We shall prefer dry and mineral white wines that get married well to the fish, red wine gives it a metallic taste. A Chablis (Bourgogne wine), a sylvaner (wine of Alsace) should do it. And for oysters, they can go with a multitude of white wines.

For red meat:

With red meat and every kind of meats to pronounced taste, it is better to choose a powerful, structured, strong red wine (tannic, as we say in the jargon) of the valley of Rhône, Languedoc or Bordelais (Bordeaux), in order to compete with the aromas of the main menu.

To go with white meat or poultry:

White or red, we have the choice. Fat whites go well with poultry, Bourgogne Chardonnay, (and the goat cheese) just like a lighter red should do it with the calf for example. We shall go rather on the side of the Loire or light Bourgogne.

For the dessert and cheeses :

Generally, the sugar accentuates the drought (the acidity, the tannins) of wine: we avoid dry white wines or rosés and we prefer softness whites, richer.

White wine is finally the perfect companion of most of the cheeses for the following reasons:

  • Subtly acid, it brings real freshness.
  • Delicately fruity, it balances the strong taste of cheeses.
  • Deprived of tannins, it doesn’t collide with the salt contained in cheeses.

For aperitive:

If we have the budget, it is the moment to take out the champagne. Moët and Chandon or Dom Pérignon are safe bets, but it is necessary to be conscious as well as we pay these expensive bottles for their popularity. There are less well-known champagnes but quite so good quality as JM Tissier.

If we wish to get it cheaper, we can also withdraw towards a sparkling a little more expensive than averages but which will remain all the same less expensive than mediocre champagne.

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